Blinds Express is a family owned and operated company located in Davenport, Florida. Over the last 7 years, they have built up the business by providing a first class service to their customers and ensuring that their service's standards match the high quality of the products they offer: a full line of window treatments, including wood, fauxwood, verticals, roller shades and plantation shutters. Blind Express Repairs has vast experience in private homes, management companies, realtors and builders.

They came to us to create their brand-mark.

As we started the process we found out that a company providing the same service but established in another state already exists and, with the same name, almost.

The challenge to develop a brand-mark within these pre-existing conditions, was quite difficult task, in every field that we are involved. It was an uncomfortable project... Absolutely, we were in!

At Siamo Undici, we not only take care of branding, our more than 10 years expertise in different Law practices, gives us the knowledge and the advantage "prima facie" to provide a concise and accurate brand mark that wouldn't infringe any aspect of IP of one that is already in the market.

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