The CEOClubs Florida is a chapter of the Chief Executive Officers Club International, Inc., a 40 year old Global Network that works with  C Level Execs.

This nonprofit organization provides a nurturing environment for CEOs dedicated to improving the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experience and personal growth.

We have been selected to develop the brand-mark, and its identity guidelines, alongside with the complementary designs for CEO Clubs Florida, Inc.

The challenge for this project was the conjunction of the following concepts: a prestige club that has its own chapters worldwide, where the CEO meets regularly, empowers each other and establishes new relationships, and strengths the ones that they already have. Nevertheless the level of fanciness, at the same time it’s a place not only for the most prominent companies, but for those medium and small business in the search of advice, guidance and even mentor-ship.

With these ideas in mind, we elaborated the different elements that finally composed the brand-mark.

Some of the clubs have a motto, and so we choose three words: Faith, Friendship, Favor, that we translate to latin in the following order: Gratæ; Amicitæ; Fidei.

Art deco basic elements resembles the success and luxury; the lions as custodies of the brand-mark protecting everyone that get in the circle, all these elements holder by a strong foundation.

"I just wanted to do a SHOUT OUT to Gabe and Lucrecia… they branded for me in the past year CEOCLUBS Florida, Above C Level, and my soon to released book… Gabe designed the Book Cover… Stealth Wealth… Love it! Gabe and I were brothers and friends the first time we met. Thank you Gabe and Lucrecia… you're a power team. If you want the best, use the best"

Donald Ward

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