Established in 2011 and based in Florida’s Orlando area; Gemms Core, LLC started its operations in 2013 doing business as Ad & Expressions, which it was primarily focused on imprintable apparel and branded uniforms.

Gemms Core believes that new opportunities are created when technological advances occur or when methods of doing business change. New technology brings methods that make the different industries more efficient, meaning lower operating cost and being more environment friendly, traducing that in higher quality products and services, and of course, best returns.

Now, Siamo Undici studio and E Impronta are the names created to work across all aspects of a corporate and visual identity. Siamo Undici studio specializes in bringing new brands to life, refreshing all those brands in needed to re-adapt, or to be continuously conquering and retaining the desire markets. Complementary, E Impronta is the place were our designs or yours are shaped into imprinted products.

The company works with a nationwide inter-disciplinary network of business partners. Mixing state-of-the-art technology, knowledge, best-practices, and expertise is what set us apart of others at the moment of bringing solutions to our clients.

The challenge is the innovation to stay ahead of the curve in these dynamic industries and market trends. The goal is to make you and your brand unique and unforgettable.

Brand-mark Design & Development • Visual Identity Design & Guidelines • Collateral Design • Print • Branded Apparel • Website Design & Development

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Siamo Undici and E Impronta are marketing brands of the established Gemms Core, LLC.