Central Florida has plenty of property manager companies in the vacation rental industry. One way or another, their logos generally look alike. They always have either similar or even the same elements: shapes, objects, colors, typography. Even their brand’s voices resemble each other. In such a competitive market, where the price is not always the ultimate factor for the client’s decision, they should set their sights on branding.

This is the story of OPS and how a polar bear moved to Central Florida.

Our inspiration comes from a mix of their core business values and their amazing personal collection of polar bear items. After meticulous research and sketches, we created an amusing and unique identity through a hand drawn logo— Since there is no other Polar Bear property management company in Florida… follow this polar bear!

The blue sapphire acts as the main color of the new brand. Everything was built around these two concepts.

OPS is proud to offer a personalized experience for their guests. We designed simple elements to enhance that experience such as a simple survey with a rip card, a simple door hanger that lets the guest know who was at their house during their stay and which repairs or maintenance were done, and a simple visual magnet with the telephone number.

We replaced the binder that many property managers are still using with a simple folder containing the needed information for the guests about the area, the community where the vacation rental home is located, the basics about the house and safety to increase the guests' experience throughout their stay.

A tri-fold brochure designed by SIAMO UNDICI that provide the guests with enough information on how to be a future owner of a vacation rental home.

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