Quartz Maintenance is a full-service maintenance and plumbing company serving the Davenport area in Florida. With over 50 years of combined experience, they provide residential and business owners with their highest quality standard of services, competitive prices, and timely attention.

Their story began in 2013 with the founders’ first family-owned company, Around The Clock Management. After working on collateral designs, we were asked to create a name and an identity for their next entrepreneurship. The name “Around The Clock Management” honors a lovely wall-mounted clock on the owners' family room and portrays the pride of the team's punctuality when performing their jobs.

Inspired by this story, we wanted to move the concept of ‘time matters’ or ‘working on time’ to the next level by proposing to ‘upgrade’ their analog mechanical clock to the precision of the quartz crystal present in a digital electronic watch.

Some may ask as to why the use of the ‘grian cloch’, which is Irish for quartz and literally translates as ‘stone of the sun’. It’s got to do with the Stone Age, where quartz was once used in Ireland to make tools— there’s nothing better than a brand-mark that has found an adequate name and meaning with respect to its nature and origins.

Better yet, quartz crystals naturally vibrate at a precise frequency and have piezoelectric properties. Quartz once defined a cutting-edge technology in the watchmaking industry proving themselves to be reliable and accurate, resulting in less servicing visits and more money saved.

The Symbol.

As we would expect from a crystal, there are some repeating patterns, so there is a regular structure. We looked for motifs in the crystal structure. Our starting point to craft the logo was inspired by a figure that showed the projection of the crystal’s atoms and the corresponding tetrahedra formed by them.

From there we crafted the brand mark symbol and we assigned a teal hue that combines the peace and calm of the blue color with the balance and growth of the green color. This is to convey a sense of peace of mind when an issue arises and reliability in a company with continuous growth.

"Gabe and Lucre are fantastic! For five years, they have found a way to take my general thoughts and turn them into creative and unique realities! I am pleased that Siamo Undici E Impronta are reasonable priced for their exceptional quality! I do wish they could snap their fingers and make everything happen immediately, but I appreciate that when they do submit my designs -they are always exactly what I wanted, but didn't know how to ask for!"

Jenn Johnson

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