We don't do the poor, misunderstood "logo"… a logo is not your brand. Your brand is one of the most valuable assets of your firm. Brand development is the process of creating the base, the pillar to support your company success. While brand development is meant to build your strategy, your marketing tactics will promote to sell your company's service and products. Brand should precede and it is bigger than any marketing effort. A brand-mark is the main part of your company's visual identity, and can be made up of one or more graphic elements; logotype -the company name in a distinctive typography, monogram -is a mark made up of the company's initials, marks -an abstract or descriptive symbol or icon of the company's name or company's products, seal -a type and mark usually contained inside a shape. As part of an overall brand approach the brand-mark serves to represent identity, differentiation, and to aid recall. Branding is the expression of the values of a company, it's the communication of what this particular brand is. It helps to encourage your company's target client audience to buy what you sell where your company's strengths are measured as reputation by visibility. Developing a strong brand is going to take a long way to the top… and there are lot of hard work to do. At Siamo Undici studio we do branding, no "logos".

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Siamo Undici and E Impronta are marketing brands of the established Gemms Core, LLC.