The Advocate Global derives its name and purpose from founder, Jennifer Raybon's vision which is to be an agent for change… a problem solver… and connector of people to resources, which in turn results in a more purposeful life for all who are touched by the Advocate.

The brand-mark was designed to take in consideration, the concept of "Advocate", its meaning. The artwork concept for each of the three brand-marks: "The Advocate Global", "The Advocate Legal", and "The Advocate Hope", has its roots in a melt of different style schools like minimalism, Bauhausand flat design.

In this particular set of brand-marks, the "concept" as it, represent their conception and construction in plenitude. Plato coined this path through the Greek word "eidos", which its literal translation is 'idea', but the context where he built this theory, the accurate translation should be 'concept'.

As he expressed, Plato, you cannot know, in the extensive term, all the tables of the World, but the concept of table, so, that is the perception of table that you'll have in your mind. And a concept has the ability to transmit feelings, messages, sensations…

'Advocatus': the one that speaks on behalf of someone, provides and gives advice. The history of Ancient Roman Law is so rich about it, but the essential concept inside the term was the seed that provided the brand-marks the chance to see the light.

Every brand-mark developed are "glued" along with these concepts: support, counseling, guidance.

The core symbol is the representation of a supportive structure, that spreads the main concept guidance.

The inverted 'L' beam is part of the positive space of a letter 'T'. But, why this shape was chosen? The inverted 'L' beam is well based on the ground with the ability to give, mainly, two different support types: loads from the top and the right, and can hold weights on the left, and the leaned beam, that is the positive part of the letter 'A' is like a buttress against the pillar. Both beams represent the main part of the brand-mark group: "The Advocate Global", "The Advocate Legal", and "The Advocate Hope".

The Advocate Legal was founded by Jennifer Raybon who in 2017 underwent a name change to her former law firm to reflect the corporate culture and vision that embraced challenging the norms and standard ways of conducting business. The Advocate Legal is making its mark in Family and Business Law.

The Advocate Hope is the third brand-mark creation of a set of three for Jennifer Raybon in which her vision of being an agent for change, a problem solver, and a connector of people to resources in turn results in a more purposeful life for all who are touched by the Advocate.

It's the beginning of the Advocate project. A solid shape that start building the firm intended message: "A solid pillar… where you can find support".

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