Wonder Vacation Homes is a full-service vacation rental company that delivers world-class services to meet guests’ expectations of luxury accommodations.

We were commissioned to develop a new identity that represents their story and sets them apart in the market. The founder is the third generation of family-owned and operated hotels in Brazil. In 2015, he arrived at Orlando and launched the accommodation business through vacation rental homes. From the very beginning, he has rapidly expanded through the area, and recently, as of the end of 2018, he reached Miami.

We created a distinct, classic, and elegant brand mark and visual identity to reflect the core values of the company: Handpicked Portfolio - Accommodation Specialists - World-class Services.

The main brand mark symbol merged the letters ‘W’ and ‘V’, creating an accent of the intended “wonderful vacation experience” guests will have when renting a home for their holidays in Florida. The black demonstrates the sophistication and elegance of the portfolio of privately owned properties and the gold diamond in the center represents the loyalty of the core partner, the vacation home owner.

The brand mark. The kernel of the design project was to fuse the concepts of a vacation home rental company —the roof of the houses, the value of the service that is provided to the guests, and the owners —with the golden diamond and the keep of a castle as well as the name of the company (the letters ‘W’ & ‘V’), successfully recapping the industry, the quality of the services and values, and the name’s initials with its message: “You will have a wonderful vacation experience”.

As part of the Wonder Vacation Homes re-branding strategy, the symbol is present in other colors. We worked with Wonder Vacation Homes and defined a color that will be associated to the team and service provided by each area. This generates a sense of belonging not only to the company, but also to the group to which it belongs, thus achieving a differentiation and positioning them in front of the competition.

"You're the best"

Bruno Scarabottolo

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